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YOUR INNER VOICE is your gut-feeling, your internal dialogue, internal monologue or web of thoughtsthat occurs within a person’s mind. This helps us discern the right thing to do, and guides our intuitions.

YOUR INNER VOICE is a brand that aims to positively break the standards of personality development through the power of the voice by promoting proper mindset and positive reinforcement, to help build one’s confidence and use the voice as a medium to improve, inform, empower and affect its listeners.

YOUR INNER VOICE is a workshop. A combination of motivational and inspirational talks, together with technical and practical guidance to help individuals develop their self-esteem, and other possible skills needed to produce a better version of one’s self. The workshop aims to standardize the knowledge and information shared from the Philippines’ capital - Metro Manila, and eventually to share the best practices and styles over different regions in the country.

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We are open to private workshops for groups with a minimum of 5 participants. Individual - one on one training available soon! 

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